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The Coveted UNG Bee Trophies

2014 Bee Winners

The Quantum Theorists

UNG 2014 Spelling Bee



2015 Bee

The date for the 2015 Spelling Bee has been set for March 5. The third annual Bee, hosted by the Honors College at the University of North Georgia, is a fundraiser for Lumpkin Literacy. The Bee will be held at the Hoag Auditorium in the Student Center. More details will be available on this website and on the Lumpkin Literacy Facebook page.


2014 Bee

Winning the heavily contested spelling event was The Quantum Theorists, a three man team from the UNG Physics department, consisting of Clay Robinette, Tim Johnson and Joe Johnson.


Organizations from throughout the university participated in the event including Delta Zeta, Alpha Gamma Delta, the Mountain Order of Colombo, the UNG Softball team, the Physics department and the Psychology department. Lumpkin County High School also entered a team in the competition. 


Many of the teams dressed in creative costumes and all came up with creative names such as the Colombots, Webster’s Wizards, The Freudian Slips, 99 Problems but a Pitch Ain’t One, ASCII, Swag Stags, DZZZZs, Gamma Gramma, Cheaters, and, of course, The Quantum Theorists.


Coming in second at the Bee was the Mountain Order of Colombo - Kyle Kampovsky, Tommy Mohan and Benjamin Victoria. Winning the coveted Most Spirited award was The Swag Stags - Ray Dean, Jared Patterson and Maria Westerfield. The Gamma Grammas won an award for Most Creative.


The UNG Bee, modeled after the Lumpkin Literacy Adult Spelling Bee, was organized and coordinated by members of the UNG Honors College and was under the direction of UNG's Stephen Smith.


Admission was free but attendees were encouraged to donate to Lumpkin Literacy. All money raised will go towards Lumpkin Literacy's programs including adult literacy, ESL, Dolly Parton Imagination Library and GED.

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