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2017 Spelling Bee Fun!

Queen Bee, Erin Smith

semaphore, croissant, psoriasis, kamikaze, zucchini, nasturtium, kibosh, , somersault, accommodate, kahuna, mezzanine, pariah, Weimaraner, heinous, , guillotine, impugn, picayune, riposte, syndesmosis, plenipotentiary, decemvirate, ,bourgeoisie, lapidescent, ptarmigan, guilloche, commissar, trousseau, nubuck, oscilloscope, prerogative, jicama, ecstatically, demagoguery, omniscient, caduceus, apparatchik, Soliloquies, succedaneum, appoggiatura, antediluvian, charcuterie, chernozem, valetudinarian, chinoiserie, aggiornamento, xanthophyll, kieselguhr, sansculotte, fuchsin, insouciant, diptych, feuilleton, ambidextrous, prestigious, reminisce, chauvinism, succinctly, pirouette

2017 Spelling Bee Words

Beeautiful Pictures

Shawn Whitmire, Jerod Karpinsky and Matt Bond of Home Depot’s Carpenter BEEs cutting up before the BEE

Evelyn Shirley, Shirley Christman, Regina Odom and Donna Logan prepping for the raffle.

The BEE-Attitudes getting ready for the event.  Leah Ratzel, Lori Stapleton and Betty Petrie

Sharon Kridel with her bear of the

B n’ BEEs

Emily Lockridge, William Lee and Keegan George of Palmer’s Spellers representing the Achasta Ladies Club

The Chestatee Review was represented by Sigma Tau Delta with Catherine Cubera,   Margaret Owens, Megan Broome 

Brandy Rowley, Donna Logan, Ken Smoke and Evelyn Shirley prepping for ticket sales

Deb Rowe, Owner of Shenanigans and judge with Arienne Wallace of the Dahlonega Literary Festival

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